Large Room Rates

The large room rates refer to any work done in the control room and main studio rooms. Tracking and mixing are done exclusively in the large rooms. For the day rate, a day is from 10AM-8PM with a 30 minute break for dinner at 3:30PM.

Hourly Rate: $50/hour
Day Rate: $450

Editing Suite Rates

The editing suite rate refers to any tuning, editing or comping that is done in the editing suite.

Hourly Rate: $30/hour

Video Rates

A video shoot can be added to your regular recording session for a setup fee of $100.  If you’d like to shoot video off-site, contact us for a quote.

Editing Rate: $35/hour
Video Shoot: $100


10AM-7PM every day

Hard Drives

While we are happy to provide hard drive space for our clients, we encourage you to bring a Mac-formatted hard drive on your final session so you can have a personal copy of your project. Although we do everything to protect two copies of your data in the studio after the project is over, we cannot guarantee the stability of data in perpetuity.